Learn About Partner Account

We have come to know that there are many individuals who do have the skills and / or time to apply for better jobs at their own. They contact consultants to do so especially in case of overseas employment opportunities. We have created this area in order to help these individuals and introduced partners who will act as agents of the job seekers to help them find jobs. A partner will be creating and maintaining profiles of job seekers on this website. You can benefit from this extra ordinary website and can become our Partner, if you are a:

  • Travel Agent
  • Internet Café Operators
  • Overseas Employment Promoters
  • Human Resource or Management Consultants or
  • You just want to help someone get a job
  • You can charge the fee for your services

Features / Benefits

You can become our partner, can create and maintain profiles of different individuals and can apply for jobs on their behalf. You will be able to:

  • make profile of the individuals
  • upload their photos and other documents
  • link their external public profiles
  • apply to different job vacancies on their behalf
  • contact with employers with reference to job vacancies
  • receive updates about job openings suited to job seekers


In case of individuals

  • Identity document (i.e. Passport or National Identity Card)
  • Basic information

In case of company or business

  • Identity document (i.e. Passport or National Identity Card) of owners / directors / authorized representative
  • Trade license or Certificate of Incorporation
  • Basic information