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Automatic Job Application

Automatic Job Application

Fruitlessly scrolling through websites, unable to find a job? Many of us have been through this draining struggle of job search. What if we introduced a solution! A simple, fast and easy escape from all these tensions to rapid employment. OWCareers is the fix to your problems. It is a worldwide job portal, offering services like no other, serving to bring job seekers and employers on one exclusive platform.

The traditional job search has many flaws, not to mention the endless hours it requires to swim through piles of material to find your required employment. Most jobs are hidden on official websites or in newspapers, out of reach of the average seeker. Furthermore, not every job posted on a website is authentic. Many can be fake, with often no absolute proof of verification. Not only this, 75% of jobs posted online are already either expired or taken before you even apply for the position. To further complicate matters, many pages and forums post fake job advertisements to raise their own views, sidetracking your quest.

Enabling you to skip all these troubles, OWCareers offers you it’s Auto Job application. This amazing service incorporates all your submitted information to match you up with the best available job possibilities all over the country. It then automatically applies to all these vacancies, effectively finishing the job seeker-employer gap. A variety of different career paths is available for you to choose from. Whether it be administration, finance, Medical, Sales or Healthcare, you just specify your desired area on the ‘job function’ tab and leave the Auto Job function to do the rest.

The application provides unmatched service, hitting up to 1200 job vacancies per month. Pakistan is not the only country that OWCareers covers. The Auto Job application also scans UAE for any upcoming opportunities and includes it in the list of jobs to apply. This means if preferred, sitting in Pakistan you can apply for UAE jobs and vice versa. There have been talks of expanding the service on a worldwide basis. However, in the near future, an addition of up to 15 countries is a surety. These include countries like Malaysia, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, India and Singapore, some of the highly favored employment destinations of the world.

Subscribing to the service is very easy. All you have to do is open the website; and tap the ‘sign up’ option. You will be presented with an application form, requiring your basic information, your level of expertise and your preference for a job. A CV can also be attached along with the information. Once you have filled in the necessary information, finish by registering yourself as a job seeker. That is really all there is for you to do at your end, the rest can be safely handed over to us.

Changing a job can be trying both emotionally and physically. While your boss and colleagues make it impossible for you to go through the opportunities, Auto Job will save your day. It is literally your career consultant, sparing you the hectic exercise of job hunting to search and apply for a job in a more tension-free manner. Evidently, many benefits shine through to prove the usefulness of Auto Job application. Another mind turning prospect it introduces, is creating awareness about visa procurement. Many people go to extreme lengths, buying visas for 4-5 lacs Rupees, doing little less than just filling the pockets of those acting as intermediaries. What they don’t realize is the fact that, once hired, the visa expenses rest with the company. All you have to do is pack your bags, and enjoy a visa in less than 2500 Rupees.

Amidst, all these benefits, it is important to realize, however, that OWCareers does not give you job security., it only applies to the relevant vacancies on your behalf to increase your chances of procuring one. You can set up your account to immediately start hitting employers for relevant jobs in the free trial period. Furthermore, if you already procured a selection, but still wish to wait for further opportunities, you can subscribe to these services for only $25 per month from Pakistan, $50 from the UAE and $100 worldwide after the free trial period.

Many people call such websites, too good to be true myths. However, to prove its authenticity, OWCareers gives you a 3-day trial period to let your concerns rest. Also, every email sent to prospective employers can be readily accessed in the ‘sent’ folder of your Gmail ID with referred links in each message. If you admire the service and wish to continue availing it, OWCareers offers you a bonus, whereby you can extend the free trial version for a further 7 days. Either email 30 friends with links promoting the website or share the Auto Job application post on our Facebook page to your wall, tagging at least 5 friends along with our page to avail the offer.

OWCareers has really provided the shortcut for people on the quest of job search. Its effectiveness in hunting jobs, fitting your description criteria is unmatched. Having ridden you of your troubles, the OWCareers Auto Job application is becoming the next revolution for job seekers. Apply now to relieve yourself of the unnecessary job searching headaches. Let Auto Job take care of it for you.

Contributors : Aiman Ibrash – Adnan Ahmad – Abdul Qadir