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Charging Job Seekers to Top Their Profiles On the Applicant list, Ethical or Not?

Have you ever had a pop-up advertisement, claiming to promote your job seeker profile to make it more visible? We certainly have and we know that you have too. Many websites are now afoot that declare their ability to make you the highlight for employers to find in return for a certain amount of deposit. Many websites in the UAE have claimed to offer these services, but the question we put in front of you today is; do you feel fair doing this? Can you make your conscience agree to this unjust discrimination? Many questions are raised when such websites are brought into the open. Here we present just a few. The foremost fact demanding attention is the nature of the situation. Yes, it may seem only $20 for you but by doing this, you are unethically promoting yourself to the top of the applicant list where you most probably don't belong. The matter at hand are these websites which offer these services. Charging you an amount, they are unjustly dabbing into the job seeker rating system to make less deserving people prominent. The person with 2-year experience is being shown higher than those having up to 15 years' worth of work life to their credit, only because they don't have the capacity to pay the demands. Not only this, paying the service does not necessarily mean your profile will shine. There are definitely going to be others too who paid similar amounts for the same position. Say 20 people paid for a specific post, now all 20 of them will be promoted, but where do you lie in the list? Where does your investment go? This straight out means the promise to lead you to the top is fake. The websites have been playing you as well as your money. Let alone this, they have also been unfairly juggling the profiles of people having merit. Besides this, the matching property of the websites is also proven to be poor. More often than not, your profile would show up at a company that is least likely to interest you. Your money, down the drain. The stream of problems doesn't end here. These websites make trouble at the employer's end also. How can a company searching for an applicant with 10 years' experience, hope to find their right guy amid all the promoted profiles of inappropriate requirements? It is a tedious if not impossible task. The matter gets worse. Profile without display pictures may be the norm in Pakistan/India, however, everywhere else this unacceptable. Employers demand to know who they are addressing. Such profiles with the incomplete basic information and even lack of CV's are promoted in disregard to throw at employers. Not only is this being unfair to job seekers, but it is also depriving employers of better-suited applicants. Much research and effort have been put into unearthing the unethical and discriminating ways of these websites in UAE. Attempts are being made to publicize these wrongs and put a stop to them. Cutting it short, selling ourselves on the basis of unjust payment to a third party does not go down well with us. Yes, we know your need for the job. However, obtaining one by your own hard work instead of cutting off your more deserving fellow job seekers, is much better. At least you know you earned it.