Q) How do you get started on OWCareers? A) Access the website and click on the tab that says 'create job seeker profile'. This will lead you to a series of steps that will allow you to sign into OWCareers and avail its services. Q) Is there a way to look for a specific job? A) Yes, you can easily search for a job fitting your requirements by clicking on the find jobs feature and filling in the relevant data. Our automated system will find the most likely match for your query. Q) Is it important to include your CV in your profile? A) No, it is not completely necessary for you to attach a formal CV. However, we do recommend attaching it as it gives a very professional outlook to the hiring company. Q) Would I constantly have to look for jobs and send the employers an application? A) No, this is the benefit of OWCareers. There is no need to manually look for jobs and submit an application, our auto job function does this for you to relieve you of this tireless hustle. Q) How much does it cost? A) There is an initial 3 -day free trial period after which you can subscribe to the service at $25 per month from Pakistan, a sum of $50 per month for subscription from UAE and a $100 subscription package for a month from all over the rest of the world. Q) what is an employer profile? A) This profile is created by the employer and is an expression of the basic qualifications of an employer. This, along with the details of the person you want to link with is required. This way, the linked person becomes your virtual assistant. Q) Can I manually apply for a specific job? A) If a certain position has caught your interest, you can easily tap on the "apply" button at the mid-bottom of the card and send a personalized form of application for your satisfaction. Q) What do you mean by seniority level? A) Your level of experience is your seniority level. That is, how many employees come under your rule to carry out their duties simultaneously. Q) Where does OWCareers operate? A) OWCareers is operating in Pakistan, UAE, US and plans to expand and include other job opportunities from the different countries around the world. Q) What is Auto job application? A) It is a function of OWCareers that uses your input details and requirements to automatically send applications to all the relevant jobs on the net, effectively bridging the employer to applicant gap. Q) What is the CV drop zone? A) It is an area where you can easily upload your CV and make it visible to relevant employers all over the world, making applications an easy process. All you need to do is to drag and drop the CV from your device into the area specified and voila, you are done! Q) Does OWCareers really work? A) As far as authentication is concerned, the website has proven its authenticity and worth by the 3-day trial period. However, the actual likelihood of getting a job still depends on luck. This is why we do not guarantee you employment. All we can do is, increase the chances of you getting that, go ahead, for the interview. Every business is made up of individual parts, parts that are vital to keeping the machinery of every system clicking in synchronous to ensure success. These individual parts are a necessity for a healthy business. In a company, they are represented by the employees performing their task in every position in a well-organized and effective manner for the rapid progress of the entire business. For OWCareers these employees represent a solid team which comprises of hardworking names that include: