In this world of rapid advancement, making sure of the adequate training of our successors is vital. The demand for flawless education is increasing overnight, on the other hand, however, many critical issues have become a hindrance to achieving a more intricate and better functioning educational routine. What are these issues that the global knowledge providers and institutes are facing? Poverty, ineffective teaching skills and unfair distribution of funds top the list. Of the numerous topics up for discussion, here we address the most pressing problems that crave immediate global attention. On the worldwide basis, a staggering 123 million people, between ages 15-24 do not have basic reading or writing abilities. As expected, more than 60% of this number are women. About 51 million primary school going children do not have the means of attending an educational institute and those who do by some miracle cross the classroom doors, fail long before grade 5-the reason, poverty. How can a parent arrange for expensive schooling services when he can’t provide for food? The girls face even more barriers, as the many cultural laws all over the world consider educating the female gender unnecessary. Even in this era of modernization where women have proven their intelligence and capabilities equal to men, the cultural taboo remains. Of the students who do manage to take regular classes, 32 million pre-school goers repeated their grade and 31 million downright dropped out of school in the year 2012. Many problems have contributed to this number. School being too far away, fear of corporeal punishments and even inability, to understand the teacher altogether have made students think of, no school, as their best option. Implementing a solution to these issues in an attempt to better the life of these young scholars, demand immediate steps. The triad of teacher-student-study material is of vital importance. Lag on anyone’s part means the foundation is faulty and any building constructed on such defected basis will at some point, tumble down. Recent studies have come up with 81% students admitting to being guilty of boredom due to not finding their course work ‘interesting enough’. Who is there to blame? Yes, the books may be a little monotonous, but the area where we can make maximal progress is to teach teachers to make the boring information, fun to learn concepts. Teachers nowadays have taken their job as far as the teaching part, they need to change it to be more involved with the learning part. Moving beyond the boundaries of the school gate, the educational system needs an infusion of major funds to stabilize the current situation. Thousands of dollars’ allowances funneled to less important projects like events and community speakers, need to be redirected to providing basic education for all. Our educational policies need reassessment. Making education the birthright of every human being, free of cost is a dream that needs to be made a reality. Furthermore, educating our teachers to tailor their teaching technique to accommodate more fun and involved experience is sure to improve our current educational scenario. All in all, the time is ripe to change our methods of educational implementations to address these varied issues. All children do not think or work alike. Not only, do we need to understand every pupil’s thinking and manner, we also need to involve their parents in the process. Creating awareness, revolutionizing government policies and providing better facilities, we need to be the back of these children of tomorrow. Strengthening our educational system is what will guarantee us, our future. Working on it today is what will ensure it. Contributors : Aiman Ibrash – Adnan Ahmad – Abdul Qadir