Advancing your career in the right direction can be a challenge for any individual. Having built up a base, directing it towards the correct steps of the ladder is equally important to achieving the dream position you always wanted. However, planning for and maneuvers needed for this rightful direction of your employed life, are not simple. What with the heaps upon heaps of hurdles, supervisor expectations, limited opportunities and massive distractions circling around us, wading through the dangerous waters of a career in the making can be pretty tough. To help you out on these nasty twists and turns, we present to you a basic guideline that you can adhere to, to ensure the future of your career. Of course, there are the right ways to achieving something and there are wrong ways as well. To make sure you are on track to the career you always wished for, the first thing you need to do is to actually desire that wish. Being cool about such a serious matter won't get you far, you need to actually want that specific position. As the saying goes, for big achievements, first, you need to dream big. Once you have that goal in mind, this desire to achieve it will make you work for it. Vigilance and consistency are the two basic keys to procuring any desire and for a career, the factors are no different. Think about it, if you don't have the basic drive to become the Mr. Manager of a company, you won't ever have the will to strive for it either. The next thing you need to do is never to picture your job as a permanent gig. Not many companies' offer you lifelong employment nowadays, and considering yourself as a loyal employee, destined to work in the same firm to end of your years is a false security that could break at any moment. A better way to picture your job will be as a long-term contract which might change if need be. Doing this will make you more receptive to the idea of changing jobs for a better future as well as keeping you prepared for any unfortunate event that might lead to a job loss, hence ensuring your career stays put. Furthermore, a mistake that many young career developers make is to close the opportunity door once they get a job. This is wrong on many levels. Yes, company loyalty is a vital part in setting up relations and building your network to move forward in the career world, but this does not mean that you ignore a genuine opportunity to step up your game. On the contrary, you should always be on the hunt of one and as soon as an authenticated position of greater caliber presents itself, avail it! This is the way to the top, no sugar coatings. You have to figure out the steps of your ladder to building a better career and keeping your eyes peeled for better positions on the market is one way you can surely advance in your line of work. For a final word, we cannot emphasize enough on the importance of building your network. Many people don't realize this part, or don't pay enough attention around the workplace to build strong connections. They take a loss. It's this network that is key to finding the new opportunities flying about and catching new fish. If you don't know what's being hunted you will never be able to hunt, it is as simple as that. In the end, we conclude by saying that it is all about trusting your gut and taking those leaps when needed. We don't ask you to be rash and change jobs without thinking, but taking a risk once in a while in the hope of a better working profile is a must if you want to advance, that is.