Job success and career growth are both, much-awaited aspects of employment once a person starts working in a long term position. Most can’t wait for the moment when they would excel and be promoted to higher responsibilities, however, what they don’t realize is the fact that it takes so much more than a mere wait to achieve greater job success. Why isn’t every next person chosen for a promotion? Well, let’s just say it’s because they lack the certain growth qualities and company benefiting tactics that are needed for the promotion. So, in the light of these statements, the question at hand is, what really ensures more and more job success? Let’s start with the basics before you even get to the performance part, your attitude and behavior in the workplace contribute a lot to how other people especially your bosses see you. Up to 30 % of your promotion may rely on this aspect of your job. Behaving well with colleagues, being open to criticism from the employers, managing workloads with good will and interaction with clients are all attributes that join together in getting you your score in this part of the promotional evaluation. Of course, a promotion means, you will slowly get employees working under you and those with a better track record in the above fields will be preferable for consideration as they are more likely to act as a good leader to them. Furthermore, for success in your job place, being committed and effective at your work are a no brainier. You need to prove your capabilities to your supervisor, demonstrating your efficiency in handling multiple tasks as well as your competitiveness in managing tough situations. This allows your employer to see how well versed and capable you really are in your field of work, making them realize that you deserve success as well as the reward for it. Last but not least, there is another aspect of a successful job that many fail to realize, and that is commitment and satisfaction. You need to show that you are content with your position. Many people go out complaining openly about management and their boss, the workload, and whatnot. They may think that nobody hears them, but in reality, their words do reach the higher floors and will make success quite hard. Let alone the promotion, it will be hard for the employee himself to commit to his work and show his best qualities if he is not contended, further making his chances for success, bleak. All in All, to ensure your success in a workplace, there are many aspects of yourself that you need to work on. Contrary to popular belief, success is actually more about giving out bucket loads of commitment, efficiency and polished skills rather than taking in compliments and praise from your supervisors. No one said it would be easy, but we didn’t say it was impossible either. They say patience is a virtue, combined with hard work, this virtue can really take you to the heights of success, but it’s your own guts that will enable you to touch the sky!