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International Doctors' Day

International Doctors' Day

It is amazing, how incredibly easy it is to forget the importance of medical professionals, until an injury or some illness brings you back calling for them. The services and sacrifices doctors make to help their patients on a daily basis, silently working into the night, usually go unnoticed. The many hours they incorporate in their passion for humanity, overlooking their own desires and needs to favor the greater good, demand attention. To appreciate these tireless efforts of the medical community, the world has proposed the dedication of an entire day to these angels in disguise; Doctors.

Observed on 1st July, the day serves to shine the spotlight on the worthy contributions of good doctors and to encourage everyday citizens to acknowledge the considerate hours they have put into practicing medicine. All over the country institutes make special efforts, healthcare organizations plan themed events. Some even take their staff for an outdoor lunch, others hold unique ceremonies to present physicians with gifts and tokens, expressing recognition of their work. Over the course of history, a card with a red carnation used to be mailed to doctors and their spouses, even the deceased were accredited by flowering their graves, traditions, still followed in some parts to this day.

The date in question has been a matter of dispute among countries. The world’s disagreement on a single date resulted in more than one date for the event. Some celebrate it on March 30, others have linked it to renowned medical professionals, changing the date accordingly, August 1st in Iran and December 3rd in Cuba, for instance. Whatever the date, however, the day calls on patients and the community alike, to express their debt to these international heroes. It’s surprising how a simple card, some chocolates or even a word of acknowledgment can go a long way to please them. Who knows, your little contribution could turn the entire day around for the individual, after all, an unexpected hug or even the slightest words of encouragement can do wonders. It’s not the present that matters, it’s the thought that counts.

We all know, the road to becoming a doctor is no flowery dream. Sleepless nights, grueling schedules, a patient complains amidst round the clock criticism of the higher consultants, only to attain the license to officially commit to this tireless routine. Yes, being a doctor is, clearly, no easy task, indeed. Not only do these people dedicate their youth to pages upon pages of medical knowledge, their personal life, and their spouses, also suffer. Patient betterment and satisfaction, exceptional healthcare with over the top expertise are what keeps these professionals always on the hunt for more. This only goes to further reason why every patient needs to celebrate the selfless work doctors have provided.

To end with a final word, doctors all over the world don’t claim recognition, however, ethics implore us to express our gratitude to the workers of humanity. The entire life of these professionals is an example of hard work, of commitment, of dedication, it is high time they received our response. On this day, take some out to go over all that doctors have done for us. Take some time out to thank them.

Contributors : Aiman Ibrash – Adnan Ahmad – Abdul Qadir