Jobs are becoming scarcer by the day, with new positions being increasingly difficult to find let alone procure, finding one has become nothing short of a challenge. The immense talent pouring out with degrees every year, all demand posts to sustain their living, but unfortunately, not many seats are available to accommodate these fresh applicants. With more than 20 hopeful graduates applying for each seat, the immense competition is higher than ever. In such a situation, 'first come, first served' comes into play. The earlier you submit your application, the more likely you are to be chosen for a job, given the other variables are kept constant. Usually, however, the news that a vacancy is circulating reaches your ears too late to give you the benefit of being the first applicant. Here is where job portals come in. Job portals act as your connection with the employers. No more groping through newspapers. No more turning post upon post, in the hope of a new job post. Job portals provide an easy way out of this hurdle. Whatever and wherever a job is it will be displayed on that page. Normally what happens is that most jobs don't even reach the population before they are snatched up by opportunists who know the tricks of finding new jobs. What new and inexperienced job applicants are left with are empty hands. However, if you get yourself linked to a good job portal, not only will you be immediately notified of all the recently advertised jobs, but will actually be able to file your application in time to compete against your competition. Besides this, newspapers and official websites that actually do give posts for available vacancies are lost among the immense pile of non-relevant announcements, with no way of reaching their target audience in time. Ultimately, most people on the search for a new job are never aware of the different vacancies, just roaming an inch away from their nose. On the contrary, if you have yourself registered on a job portal, the chances of missing a vacancy are minimized. Professional job portals like OWCareers take it upon themselves to fish out all the available job posts on the market from a wide genre to display to you the different opportunities present at that time. Going about your job search this way ensures that no chance is missed. In addition to all of this, more often than not when a job actually becomes visible to a job seeker it has already been already taken. Furthermore, some sites post fake jobs to promote traffic and hence are a further waste of your time. However, signing up for authentic job portals like OWCareers, for instance, ensures you the credibility and validity of a job. You won't find yourself applying to an empty post from a job portal. If a job is displayed, it is 100% ensured to be active and applicable for job seekers. These simple measures save your time and effort to enable you to direct your energy to more constructive problems rather than waste it applying for nonexistent jobs. All in all, in this era of the net and news at a moment's notice, it seems foolish not to take advantage of the leisure provided. The job portals are a new and necessary tool in the job search. Something that gives you an edge and puts you among your competitors should be welcomed and with all the ease and comfort they come with, there is no reason left for you to not benefit from these services. The traditional job search procedure is changing, searching for jobs is being made easier and with more and more people signing up for instant notifications on a job portal, you need to make a move to step up your game as well!