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Jobseeker Profile - How To Create?

Jobseeker Profile - How To Create?

Sooner or later, in your search for a job, you will have to turn to the world wide web for assistance. Many online job websites are in existence to help you out, but the problem for most applicants is how to present themselves via the job seeker profile which most websites require on sign up. The many questions and varied boxes to fill can unsettle anyone. However, what you need to realize is that all this information you feed in is actually our key to setting you up with the best-matched employer. Of course, presenting you to a prospective company, we can't go empty handed now, can we? So what exactly should you put in and what knowledge should you include? Here we have come up with the solution to your problem; presenting, the step by step guide for creating an outstanding job seeker profile for OWCareers, one of the best job portals available online.

Although seeming tough, the process isn't difficult at all. To set about making your profile, first, access the website. Once you open the main page, you will be presented with the option simply saying 'create jobseeker profile'. You know what to do. Tap on the option to open the job seeker information panel, where you need to set to work. Of course, the initial tabs that you need to fill in are your basic information. Input your complete, official name, date of birth, true nationality and the country you are currently living in. The page will also ask you to provide your email address and phone number. It is important to document contact details that are in regular use as this makes it easier for the website and the employers to contact you. You may never know when you get lucky!

Done with the personal details, the profile moves on to your past experience. If you do have a previous job to your credit, input its details with your basic position and any other work that you handled at the office beside the primary job. Remember, you need to provide the employment details of your most recent job. This means all the companies you have worked for since the beginning of your career are irrelevant, only the last experience is required. You will be asked for how superior your working position was, the seniority level, and the duration of your employment. Move through the page, filling in all this information in the corresponding blanks.

However, if you are a newbie without any past working hours, it is completely understandable. In this case, you will be prompted to present your academic qualifications. Don't attempt to start from the school years. We need your highest achievements, so document the information of your highest degree. Choose your level of education and also how the means by which you achieved it, for example, by private coaching, going to an institute or self-study. Volunteer your course, the subjects you majored in and the country that issued your degree. To complete this section and the last (job experience), you will be asked whether or not you are available for internship. This signifies you are open to internship opportunities, both paid and unpaid so that one tick requires due thought.

Moving on to the completion steps, there is an option for you to upload your CV. It is a plus if you do attach one, but the decision to share it completely resides with you. Having finished with all the blanks, you can now click the 'Register' tab to create your profile. A confirmation email will be sent to your email id, which you can open to activate your account. Setup your new password and you are finally good to go! An entire world of opportunities awaits at the tips of your fingers. access your profile to search up the latest jobs and positions available, specifically filtered to your needs and requirements. Your job hunt is now in the hands of professionals. Sit back, relax and let us hook you with the best job on the market for you!