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OWCareers Offers Dream Employment Hunting Service Without Effort

OWCareers Offers Dream Employment Hunting Service Without Effort

OWCareers, the world's first job portal, brings available vacancies all over the world, suited to your requirements, directly to you. Operating from Pakistan, we are a group of people united in one aim, easing the job search dilemma. Clearly, every one of us has to go through the traumatizing experience of finding a job. Here at OWCareers, we handle this experience for you. Our goal is to make switching jobs just as easy as switching phones, no drama, just go and get a new one from the vast variety available!

We finish the applicant-employer gap and unite them under one platform so that finding a job and finding an employee, both become easy. With our services, looking for a job or changing one is not a hustle anymore. No need for hunting through newspapers for jobs, no more crawling the web for employment ads, just ask us, we will set you up with the best employment opportunities minus the efforts of finding them. We at OWCareers help take care of the switch for you, smoothing out the transition from one job to the other.

What we do for you

Job vacancies OWCareers has taken it upon itself to search out all the authentic jobs available to display to you the variety of options available. We search for jobs of all criteria, in Pakistan and abroad, may it be medicine or engineering, teaching or article writing, even vacancies for a receptionist, the jobs won't escape us. All these vacancies are compiled, evaluated and authenticated for your especial benefit. They are then displayed for you to skim through and pick out whichever you like. Obviously, to keep up to date, this job portal of ours is regularly updated with new job placements added every day and hired ones deleted so that whichever vacancy you apply for is confirmed to be open.

Auto job application The job filtration and collection were not enough so we have included another feature to completely relieve you of your employment search trouble, the auto job function. This service of OWCareers takes application processing and applying for various jobs to another level. All you have to do is feed in your details and required job specifications, the auto job service will handle the job filtering and applying process on your behalf. This way, you can continue your regular work and let OWCareers take care of the hard part. Once when you receive an interview call, you will be notified and the whole process is then handed off to you.

Employee search Not only do people find jobs on OWCareers, companies can also find new employees. We have included a separate profile option for the employers which targets the page from a hiring perspective. Simply include the specifications for the post, OWCareers will present to you the most suited of applicants for that position. No more trouble going through multiple resumes that don't even relate to the primary job, our website filters out the most relevant applicants to save your time and energy.

Authentication Every job that we post on the website has undergone a series of authentication procedures to eliminate fraud. The applicants that we display have also been authenticated so that no time is lost in ensuring validity. A simple applicant-employer bond is connected and the job is signed off. Besides this, our jobs abroad also link you directly to the hiring companies with no intermediate 3rd party visa drama or money deposition.

Tips and advice We also display a free of cost blog that addresses the most common presenting problems in the world of employment. From the proper way to apply to how to write a cv to behaving in an office, every problem is highlighted with tips and tricks to handling them. Give our blog a look, it will definitely help you out in many ways and will guide you in avoiding the most common mistakes that people make in the job procurement process.

The history The history of OWCareers goes back to 2013, when its founder, tired of enduring the troubles of finding a new job, decided to do something about the situation. After months of extensive research, problem handling and ideas, OWCareers came into existence in February 2014. With the basic aim of easing down the problems of employment search, OWCareers set out on its long journey to make a difference in the system.

Become a part Signing up for Our service is easy. All you have to do is include your details, educational achievements, and experiences, and become a part. For the first three days, we offer a free trial, after that, our service requires you to pay a sum of only $25 a month for subscription from Pakistan, $50 a month from UAE and $100 a month from anywhere else in the world.

Join us to become a part of revolutionary job search everywhere in the world. The future awaits. Join us to make the troubles of job hunting, the past.