The UAE is any job searchers dream, but Finding that one vacancy is more difficult than can be imagined. May you try and try again, approach different companies, and search for the available jobs, it is very unlikely that you find an open vacancy, willing to give you a chance, let alone a confirmed position. Time and time again, applicants fail to achieve what is readily achievable in other countries. Why is it that these jobs are so hard to procure? Obviously, there is a vast demand for employees, then where do the seats go? This is a question that puzzles many job seekers wishing to settle in Dubai or some other place in the Middle East. The answer to this question rests on many factors, in short, there is no one answer to this query. However, we have tried to dissect the problem and have come up with a number of reasons why job procurement in UAE poses a problem. The first and the most obvious factor is the imbalance between supply and demand. Yes, there are numerous sites that must give off a regular vacancy score, but considering the thousands of people on the edges of their seats, hungry for the faintest smell of a position, snatch it up before it ever reaches your door. You never get to see what vacancies are available before they are snuffed from the market by the sharp wolves at the top. A further problem explaining why it is difficult to get your hand on a job in UAE is the company’s preference criteria. Every business has a selection ratio of employees that they select from each country. Now for those seats the competition is massive, and only the very best actually stand a chance, again highlighting the difficulty in the procurement of a position. Combining this with the massive amount of talent available, that is much more experienced than you, sitting idle, makes matters worse. Think about it, why would a company choose a lesser accomplished individual for a position when in the same salary they get an over qualified person to willingly work for them? However, this does not mean you give up hope, rather it highlights the need to stay consistent and competitive, as these attributes are the only means of survival in the UAE market. So, what do you do? How do you make your career survive in the heating scorch of the UAE sun? Well, the first thing you need to do is to keep yourselves informed about all the vacancies on the market and the best way to do this is to sign up on multiple job portals that portray these requests. Reputed job portals like OWCareers take into on themselves to display authentic vacancies as soon as they are advertised to give everyone a fair chance. If you manage this, the chances of your job sign-up increase by up to 50%. In addition, you have to try and highlight the qualities that are unique and we mean really unique, to stand out from everyone else. Another help can be an advancing study, try to get higher in your academic field if possible, UAE employers prefer well-educated personnel, so the heavier your degrees the greater your chance. All in all, we have laid in front of you the entire story behind UAE job procurement problem. An intelligent applicant will take advantage of the stated facts to design his approach accordingly. In the end, however, it all comes down to being consistent and refusing to give up. Hit and hit again at the door of employment, yes, the answer may be late, but be certain, the door will open one day, for sure.