You may have noticed how very soothing and ordered the environment is in certain offices. On the other hand, this same ambiance is one of tension and stress in another place. Why is this? What makes one business so completely different from others. You may be surprised to hear it, but the company culture plays a big part in this game. Whatever the business is, how it deals with clients and employees, its tactics and modes of handling problems, in essence, its entire core comes under the heading of office culture. Understandably, the influence that each individual person will have on this culture can be imagined. Of course, all these individuals will interact with one another in the office setting, so ultimately, the entire foundation of this culture lies on its constituent parts and how well they function together. To grasp the gravity of the situation, let’s talk about the many ways teamwork plays its part in creating a specific ambiance. Every office or business has a unique mission which needs seeing to, to work towards establishing the company culture. Now, if the workers start attempting to follow it individually, fulfilling the dream will become an impossibility. For the big goal, you will need coherent thinking. All the employees will have to connect as a team to achieve and maintain the reason they were made to work together. A person working in the north with no idea of the other member and will never be able to make his work in-line with others. So, the ultimate goal of the company, to present something unique to make a name, will just fall to pieces. With teamwork, however, every employee will know their part and work as a clock with others to synergize the process rather than break it apart. Moving on, there are certain qualities and ethics that a company sets as standard. There is a way of doing everything which it has established since the start and is known for. This culture needs to be maintained. The thing is, that now it is in the employee’s hands. Whatever tactics that were once created have to be passed down to the new generation of recruits. Now think if the whole office disrupted its teamwork, who would teach and correct the newcomers? Let alone this, who will set an example for others to follow. Furthermore, we all know that a good office works with synchronized efforts of the team. If that is missing, there will be no smooth transitioning between departments. All the work would be deflected in multiple directions and there will be no order. With such a disrupted environment and no culture, the company would just lose its clients. Moreover, for an improving office culture, the employees need to support and encourage their partners. If someone comes up with an innovation, he/she should be appreciated in order to make their contribution valuable, as well as to support them for further brainwaves. Now, without teamwork, this will not be possible. Even if an employee did hit a good idea, with no one to appreciate or acknowledge his findings, it is likely to just be lost in the clouds, clearly outlining the need to work as a team not only for the company but for each other. Drawing to the close, it can be seen that company culture and teamwork go hand in hand. One cannot be simply separated from the other. Employees and the businesses themselves need to understand this. Every successful company does. You will be astonished at the efforts of certain businesses to promote teamwork, and no doubt, their hard work does pay off. Hence, in order to have an outstanding company you need to establish a flawless office culture first, and for that teamwork is key. We aren’t saying that it can be done overnight, but small changes here and there, will slowly move the company towards a better culture, a better future!