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The International Youth Day

The International Youth Day

There is little to argue with the fact that our youth holds the countries and the world's future in their hand. How we shape them, how their minds are built and what contributions will they volunteer in our society will decide the ultimate outcome of every aspect of the present day earth. Gone is the time of the previous generation, they have played their part in making the human population, it is our youth that we need to work on today. To focus on this aspect and much more, the United Nations has dedicated an entire day to the young population. August 12, marks the day we celebrate to motivate the young among us and spark their imagination to make them realize the enormous responsibility they carry on their shoulders, the responsibility of the human fate.

Every year, a new theme, a motive is proposed to structure the entire day around that topic. In 2016, this topic is to think of ways to eradicate poverty from the world and coming up with ideas and solutions to implement sustainable consumption and production. The UN has decided to raise awareness regarding this most pressing issue in our nations today. Anybody can understand the problem and the consequences it is having on the society. However, very little is being done to find a solution. The predecessors tried, but failed. The issue now presents to the upcoming generation. They need to figure out how to handle it and solve this seemingly endless cycle of poverty. Maybe one of those brilliant minds could come up with an idea. No doubt, the ‘Einsteins’ and ‘Newtons’ from this generation are yet to come.

Furthermore, the depleting world's resources are no new news either. Mother Nature is imploring us to be cautious, but we have decided to turn a deaf year. Yes, up till now, we have enjoyed the luxury of exploiting earth treasures, but how long will they actually last? Is there enough to sustain our next generation or are we leaving them stranded? The problem deepens in severity every second and now the time has come that someone takes notice. The youth, they are the ones with the solution. The older administration is about to retire and it is these young hearts and minds that are going to run the place. They need to anticipate all these problems and come up with answers. Not only this, they also need to actively implement them in their lives to sustain their living for years to come.

Is there progress yet? No. Are we even attempting to solve these issues? Clearly not. What with the rise in environmental toxins, global warming, and energy crisis, the sort of life ahead doesn't look bright. What our youth needs to acknowledge is the fact that not only is their own lively hood in jeopardy, the lives of their future generation appear bleak also. Something needs to be done and fast! On this day, we implore you to set aside your phones and take a look around. Absorb the place that you call home. Feel its pain as your own, only then will you be able to commit yourself to the betterment of humanity and figure out the permanent solutions to the many problems we currently have.

Needless to say, the world needs its youth. You can't just turn a blind eye and ignore the mayhem in the world. The time is past when you could look up to someone for answers, people now look up to you. It has now become your obligation to not only think better for yourself but also of humanity. What will these people do without you? Change your thinking to take up responsibility for your actions. Stop naming yourself a youngster, you are now the new adults. You are the world's only hope.