CV distribution service in Middle East is the fastest way to find jobs. It is the marketing of your CV to the recruiters and companies through email. **[OWCareers CV distribution service](** is the most advanced in the world and has a huge database to help you find jobs. Let us explore how this service can help you land a great job. In this article, we shall discuss the following points: - What is a CV or Resume? - Different ways to find jobs? - What is CV distribution service? - How does it work? - Why is it so successful? - Why OWCareers CV distribution is better than others? - Points to consider before you start - Who is an ideal consumer of this service? - Some other services offered by OWCareers - Few words about the author - Some more interesting articles ## What is a CV or Resume? A CV or Resume is a summary of your professional experience and skills learned in your career. It usually follows a reverse chronological order listing of your professional experiences and academic achievements over a few pages. It is mostly as an attachment to your job application or with the current employers for promotion or internal transfers in an organization. It is a fundamental document when you are searching for a job. ## Different ways to find jobs? Some of the traditional ways of finding jobs are fading away. Getting printouts of CV and visiting door to door has become almost obsolete. Rushing to Govt published jobs is also losing traction and focus is shifting more to the private sector. In these modern times, finding new job opportunities is becoming easier every day with the advancement in technology, though many people may disagree on this point. Some of the creative ways are: - **Networking** Many job vacancies are never announced. To land on these jobs, networking can help a lot in locating these job opportunities – and LinkedIn can really help here. Someone you know or someone who knows someone you know may also help here. It is more a matter to talking to others that you are looking for change. - **Referrals** Some employers offer incentives to their employees for referring a successful candidate to their company – a win-win situation for everyone. Networking is also a great deal here. - **Job Boards and Career Websites** Job boards enable employers to post vacancies and provide a platform for job seeker to search and apply on jobs of their interest. - **Job Fairs** Job fairs are typically targeted toward specific industries. Sometimes, universities and other institutions also organize these events where employer come and showcase their brand and also interview candidates on the spot. - **Company Websites** If you already have your dream employer in mind, you can go directly to the career section of their website, create your profile and apply for available positions. - **Cold Calling** Cold calling was once effective, not any more. Recruiters have put a layer of filters on their official numbers and made it difficult of normal jobseeker to reach out but this is still a thing that you can pursue. you can get the landline of the company from company website, call at the number during office and ask the reception to forward to the HR Department. Then you can request the HR to consider you for a particular role. - **Head Hunters and Recruiters** Head hunters locate individuals to fill a specific vacancy within an organization or find a position for a job seeker who has hired their services. Now you can find many companies who help jobseekers in finding better opportunities. Some paid [services by OWCareers]() may be helpful to you. - **Temping or Internships** Sometimes temporary employment can lead to permanent placement. For someone who is unemployed, finding a temporary position with a company can be very helpful. For freshers, internship, paid or unpaid, is a great way to land in a big company. - **Virtual Assistant to Find Jobs** For busy professional, a new trend in the market was introduced by OWCareers i.e. [Virtual Assistant to Find Jobs]( Now, you can hire an assistant who can do the job search and application work on your behalf. The biggest advantage of OWCareers is the transparency - all activities being performed for you are shared with you through your dash board in real time - it is perhaps the most advanced system in the world to help seekers. Every option, that we discussed here, is a bit slow and becomes very irresponsive when you are in a hurry. This creates a market for some faster and more reliable service and here comes CV distribution service which can be very useful for rush cases. ## What is CV distribution service? It is the marketing of your CV to the recruiters and companies through email. It is an email campaign that is deployed over a short period of time addressing companies and recruiters that you are available for a new job. ## How does it work? It is very comprehensive and detailed exercise and involves two important components 1) The database of emails of key employees, administrators, recruiters, senior executives and general HR addresses of companies. 2) A system to send emails – the more advanced the system is, better will be the delivery rate. ## Why is it so successful? There are many points that make it better than other optiosn. The main ones are: - There is always a big number of vacancies in the market that are never advertised. The CV distribution can be the only way to approach these companies. - For published job, jobseekers have to wait for a month or two to know about the fate of their application. Whereas you see the results of CV distribution in very short time. - Applications to published jobs are usually very hectic – jobseekers need to search for vacancies, create profiles and apply online – it is very time consuming. It is a lot easier to hire a company and use emails to approach recruiters and companies. - For unemployed professional, every day count. CV distribution is a quick service for these unemployed professionals and those serving a notice period. ## Why is OWCareers CV distribution better than other companies? There are many companies offering CV distribution service in UAE and other Middle Eastern countries but the quality and transparency of service that OWCareers is offering is unmatched. OWCareers was started in year 2016 in Astrolabs which is Google Technology Hub in the region. Over these many years, we have been researching the market and are close to building a comprehensive network of recruiters in the MENA region. With millions of emails in our database, we are the most successful CV distribution service in UAE. Besides a strong database, our service has the following unique features: - Specialized cover letters for different industries - Access to your inbox for email response - Email composer to reply to the responses received from employers - A detailed interface to see the sent items #[Learn More About OWCareers CV Distribution Service]( We are also in the process of publishing the following lists in coming months: - Most active recruiters - Most applied companies - Most networked recruiters ## Points to consider before you start [OWCareers CV Distribution]( costs money, so it is important to plan ahead of it. Following are key considerations: - It takes around a week for CV review and to setup different cover letters for different industries. - It provides immediate response to job applications so you should start when you can manage to take calls and attend interviews. - Even though response rate from employers is huge but we cannot guarantee the job interviews or jobs. To make it transparent, we are providing access to your inbox and outbox with ability to reply to recruiters. - It should also be noted that it carries inherent risk of scam calls. So do evaluate the opportunity and research well before appearing in the interviews. ## Who is an ideal consumer of this service? [CV distribution service]( can be equally beneficial for any professionals. But considering the response rate, we have noted that it is more suitable for junior to middle level professionals. It is mostly suitable for professionals from Sales, Business Development, Marketing, Accounts, Finance, Admin, Human Resources and other similar jobs. ## Some other services offered by OWCareers? OWCareers offers innovative solutions for jobseekers. Details about our services can be checked at by following the link - [Services by OWCareers]( . Few services include: - Writing [Professional CVs and Cover Letters](, - [Virtual Assistant to Find jobs]( and - Very Advanced [CV distribution service]( ## Few more interesting articles These are few more articles that you may like to read: - [Importance of Customized Cover Letters ]( - [Job Hunting Don'ts ]( - [Jobseekers should be registered on these Portals for Jobs in UAE]( - [CV Writing Tips - Dos and Don'ts]( - [After Interview - Send Thank You Email]( ## Few words about the author Adnan Ahmad is the Chief Executive of OWCareers and occasionally writes for job seekers and companies. Have any questions, you can reach him through [email]( or his [LinkedIn profile](