Time is money. Yes, with all the hustle in the world, time has become nothing short of actual currency. Those of us who actually use this asset to its full potential, know the value of 5 min on the clock. However, what with the blur of duties and modern world dilemma, time is more often than not seen slipping through our very fingers. One moment it is 2 o clock and the next it's 5, your job still stands undone. Isn't there any way to hold these turns of time? How do you conserve the hours to utilize the gift of time to the maximum? You might be surprised, but the tips and tricks to conserve time, are pretty easy! Adopt them and you might never be short of time again! Tip 1: Timetables and Schedules: The first trick to managing all your work in a specific amount of hours is to create a timetable or schedule. You may have heard this before, but trust us the method really helps. However, you need to be realistic in setting this up. Making unrealistic goals is where people fall short. Take a trip down memory lane and visualize all your activities in a typical day to figure out how much time you need to spend and where. Tip 2: Appointments: To-do lists are quite the trend nowadays, and no doubt, they are aimed at making time management more efficient. However, in reality, these lists lay in pending for ages, to the extent that finishing them off becomes an impossibility. So, what should you do? We propose investing in an appointment diary. Instead of jotting down your chores, make an appointment with yourself at a particular day and time to finish the job. This way you will have all your work for the day in one place and will also be actually able to do it! Tip 3: Break time: A common mistake that we all make is making up a schedule that is all work and no play. Every human needs some time off and we certainly do get interrupted in our work on a normal basis. A wise person will think of these distractions and will surely allocate a separate amount of window time to accommodate for them. Simply add 15-20 min to every task, in addition to the actual time cost of the job. In effect, convert your interruptions into 'planned interruptions'. Tip 4: Banish the Phone: The cell phone, along with all its benefits and uses, is also a downright nuisance. Whenever you stand up to do something important or are busy doing a specific task, the all too familiar ring is sure to hit your ears. Once you pick that call, we all know the work has to be paused for the next half hour. First the call, then a couple of texts and of course the important scrolling of your Newsfeed and Instagram walls for nonexistent updates. The trick here is to avoid picking up the phone altogether. Be vigilant, turn your phone off or put it on silent, but don't touch it in your working hours. You will be surprised by how much time you save! All in all, in this fast moving world, the need to conserve and utilize your time is more than ever. With the passing years, the demands for time are ever increasing, but the day with its 24 hours remains constant. It is from this reserve that we need to spend our bounty of hours. However, if we don't learn to manage this treasure of ours efficiently, chances are, we won't be able to use it at all. Nobody wants to become a mismanaged version of themselves. A well set, and organized person will always be admired. Who doesn't want to be that person? We know you do, and implementing the above tips and tricks will certainly get you there.