Announcing Auto Job Application, a Service that does All Your Job Hunting for You For all the jobless men out there, OWCareers is here to present the permanent fix. Granting you the luxury of searching for a job without hassle for the first time ever, it presents Auto job Application. For more information and further details about the service, visit: July 12, 2016: On ‘DATE‘ OWCareers, a worldwide website, designed to search jobs for those on the lookout for work announced the release of the world’s first Auto Job application. This application aims to finish the job searcher-employee gap to ensure fast search options for workers everywhere. The procedure requires you to sign up on the website and upload your educational details, CV and personal information which it then utilizes to send a job request to the relevant hiring companies, sparing effort on the searchers part. This app is designed to find and apply for jobs on the applicant’s behalf, filtering out the authentic posts that are available but hidden on the web and the newspaper. This service is offered for a 3-day trial period, after which it costs $25/month from Pakistan, $50/month from UAE and $100/month from anywhere else in the world. On the recent release of their Auto Job function, the CEO of OWCareers said “I am proud to have eased the path for so many workers. This is just the start; we plan on making job search even more efficient”. On a second occasion, just finished with a meeting, he mentioned: “Further developments are sure to hit the markets soon”. The CEO is positive about the future of the app and relates the promising prospects of the website to date. Auto Job Application features a number of useful properties: 1. Advanced search filters that enable specific jobs to be funneled to the applicant. 2. Verification options that ensure authenticity. 3. A trust built over 3 years that excludes any third party involvement, allowing a direct applicant-employee connection. About OWCareers: OWCareers is a worldwide job portal that brings jobs to those searching for it. Founded in 2013, it has helped more than thousands of people to find jobs in this period and the number is rising. Not only does it help job searchers, employers also benefit by posting their ads on the website. many people and companies have regarded the website as their best experience in job quest. For those wishing to pursue the application further can access the website to sign up: