Equivalent to the many job seekers looking for a position, a similar number of employers out there are searching for the perfect man for their job. Contrary to the popular belief, the selection of new recruits is not a simple process. To begin with, there are hundreds of submitted applications, many online requests, and numerous letters piled up in the hope of that one chair. What should an employer look for in this immense stack of requests? Agreeably, it is a difficult task to sort through this pile, but to save your day we have taken it upon ourselves to compile all the hacks that will help you filter through this stack to choose your employee in a jiffy. The first thing that you need to look at when presented with an applicant's resume is its credibility. You need to ensure the data being presented is not exaggerated or overly done. It can be a bit difficult to spot this out on a piece of paper, so do remember to question such applicants thoroughly in the interview. Pay particular attention to the stated achievements by asking ample questions to grade how deep the applicant really is. Another way is to simply call up the references documented to confirm the authenticity of the person in question. The process is no doubt lengthy, but it is a necessary measure to conserve the progress of your company, to make sure you hire competitive employees. Besides this, the motives of your presenting recruit need due thought. What are his reasons for choosing to apply? It may seem old fashion to ask this question but its importance cannot be highlighted enough. The way the applicant answer this query will help you assess what kind of an employee you are headed to work with. Obviously, it is understandable that everyone opts for work to make money, but the level of the applicant's desire for that specific company and his will to work in the offered position matters a lot. Is he genuinely interested in the company's agenda or is he just worried about his paycheck? It rests on you to differentiate these motives and decide whether he is going to benefit your company or likely to become a liability. The final aspect to keep in mind is the presenting image of the person. Your company has a standard to maintain and finding employees that are up to the mark and well-groomed is a necessity. Looking presentable is not enough, a good employee should be able to tackle customers and clients alike and should adjust well within the office as well. One inappropriately placed worker can endanger the setup of the whole department. This goes to highlight how important it is to consider and assess the different aspects of an applicant before hiring. Needless to say, choosing the best person to hire for your position is no easy task. Every piece of the company needs to be efficient in bearing their part of the weight as the progress of the entire institute lies on these new recruits. Yes, there are many diverse aspects to take into account before you make the decision to say yes. However, if you keep in mind the aforementioned basic rules, you will surely secure a bright star to add to your company's collection, soon!