Doctor High paying Role (Easy Apply) in Surgeon Recruiters Dot Com, United States, Long Beach

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Medical facilities in uban areas of Long Beach, CA, US welcomes candidates for doctors and other medical positions with their sub-urban areas of Long Beach, CA, US medical centers to provide diagnosis and medical treatment to the community of Long Beach, California and nearly localities with the help of professional doctors and other paramedical staff. The joining Doctor can remain in sensible condo suites close by and have clear drive to and from the practice. You can start the day running or jogging in the nearby park or do some bicycling to stay fit and healthy.

The employment offer is for experienced or to-be Doctor with specialty in Psychiatry . Preference will be given to competitors having permit from any clinical council in CA. Doctors with other states' licenses can likewise apply with confidence. Doctors living outside USA are not eligible.

The successful candidate will be responsible for:
• Provide quality healthcare to patients of the community
• Take part in further education opportunities in the city
• Treat patients in the clinic for minor injuries
• Create a care plan for a patient and discuss with him/her
• Responding to patients’ medical problems by referring to their history, carrying out diagnosis, treatment, counseling, and referral, where necessary.
• Recommend lab tests and interpret test results.
• Maintain confidentiality and impartiality at all times.
• Collect, record, and maintain sensitive patient information such as examination results, medical history, and reports.
• Perform minor surgeries in emergency and ward.

We are flexible in terms of experience of the candidates, but encourage you to apply:
• Excellent knowledge of infectious diseases, their symptoms and epidemiology
• Ability to make decisions quickly and recommend to specialists when needed.
• Must have completed a residency in the US.
• Must be a good human being and a good colleague.
• Knowledge and experience in diagnosing and treating a wide variety of illnesses.
• Must have good problem-solving skills.
• Pass an American Board of Specialties examination to acquire board certification in family medicine.
• Doctor of Medicine degree (MD)
• Medical degree from a medical college from Long Beach, California is recommended.

If you find this part-time job and a High paying Role in Pediatrics compelling, we encourage you to apply through this website and we shall send your CV to USDR Jobs for further evaluation and processing. If your profile matches the job description, you will hear from one of the hiring managers.

Surgeon Recruiters Dot Com is a team of highly competent and technical advancedprofessionals who are dedicated to providing the highest level of service to the hospitals and help them in providing the patient care, the community expects from them. We are always looking for talent to serve our clients.

Doctor High paying Role (Easy Apply)
Employment Type:
Part Time
Surgeon Recruiters Dot Com
United States, Long Beach
PO Box:
Collected From Job Portals
Other Services
Accounts / Audit / Sales / Business Development / Public Relations / Journalism
Skills Involved:
Manager, Communication, Management, Technical Skills, Conceptual, Interpersonal Skills, Planning, Decision-Making, Problem-Solving and Motivating
Some Relevant Experience
Education Required:
Degree from an accredited medical school in CA
Other Categories:
Published Date:
Mar 6, 2022
Expiry Date:
Jun 4, 2022
Long Beach, CA, US

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