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Bsqp Tech/ E-Nexus solutions
Pakistan Karachi

Have a look at profile of Bsqp Tech/ E-Nexus solutions Pakistan Karachi before making any job applications and never pay any money to any recruiter for your job - it is illegal. However, you can hire our virtual assistant for job search in Pakistan Karachi or any where in the world. Following is a brief about this employer:


Enexus was launched when a couple of mobile app whiz kids met and vowed to do something that would make a difference in their lives and the lives of others. Enexus was never meant to be just another software development company that would develop software solutions according to the requirements of the clients and earn profits. The core team members of Enexus are eager to learn the contemporary technologies every day and create something strikingly new every day. We at Enexus have gathered the most dexterous, experienced and rebellious software engineers, brand managers, creative designers, quality engineers and project managers under one roof. These team members are rebellious because they are against the conventional rigid ways of working.

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Business Information Business Name Bsqp Tech/ E-Nexus solutions
Country of Incorporation Pakistan
City Karachi
Web Site URL
Contact Person Personnel Name Sana Anjum
Designation HR
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