Emenac Pvt Ltd

Emenac Pvt Ltd
Lahore Pakistan

Business Information Business Name Emenac Pvt Ltd
Country of Incorporation Pakistan
City Lahore
Address 10 commercial building, tech society canal road.
Web Site URL http://www.emenac.com
About Business

Emenac Inc. is a multi-millionaire setup today, since it emergence in 1997. Soon after beginning its operation, the company successfully achieved its short-term goals. Owing to its unparalleled competencies, Emenac Inc. grew to acclaim global recognition. That’s when the need for an offshore unit raised, resulting in offshore setups in Pakistan and Australia. Due to its out of the box thinking and sheer professionalism, Emenac is enjoying a mutually beneficial relationship and is serving 60% of its clients from United States Market since last 5 years, and 27% in Canadian Market since last 2 years successfully. According to the general statics, Emenac Inc. currently has 28% of its clientele in United States, 22% in the Canada, 15 % in Australia, 16% in UK and 19% in other European countries. Emenac Inc. is definitely destined to prosper and keep expanding its market.

Contact Person Personnel Name Usman Habib
Designation Recruitment & Training Manager
Profile Link http://www.linkedin.com/in/silverskills