Rock Exim Trading LLC
United Arab Emirates Dubai

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Rocks Exim, are basically granite quarry owners from South India since year 2000. We cater to the market all granite colors from our own quarries in the form of rough blocks , slabs and recently into tiles for projects. Rocks Exim as a trading company formed in Dubai in year 2012. Being in our quarry business we have our reputed strengthened association with other parts of India of natural stone sources. We soon gained expertise in sourcing of quality granite slabs & tiles from primarily South India. From there, we progressed into procurement of Granite Blocks directly from other quarries & took up ‘jobbing’ at several factories. Our alliance with strategically located factories near quarries helped us in providing better output materials at lower prices – which in turn fueled our dreams further.

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Rock Exim Trading LLC
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United Arab Emirates
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Ferviez Zahiruddin
General Manager
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