Rough Seas Ship Chandlers LLC
United Arab Emirates Dubai

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We are one of the pioneer ship chandlers providing quality and timely service at all major UAE/Sohar/Muscat ports.

Our team consists of experts Ship Owners, Ship Managers, Charters and Operators.

We understand the very need of the ship owners’ and ship managers’ to provide the excellent service in order to fulfill their requirement.

We always focus on ship owners’ main concern of OPEX control without compromising at our safety and quality standards.

If we are given a chance to serve your ships, we will prove that we are the best choice of your OPEX partner for safe voyage.

We offer comprehensive services of

  1. Provision Stores
  2. Cabin Stores
  3. Safety Items
  4. Deck & Engine Stores
  5. Electrical Items

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Rough Seas Ship Chandlers LLC
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United Arab Emirates
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