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SAP Labs India is SAP's third largest Research & Development and Global Services & Support center in the world. Founded in November 1998, SAP Labs India is one of the four global development hubs (Germany, US and Israel being others) of SAP that contribute to all areas of the SAP product value chain- Research & Breakthrough Innovation, Product Development, Global Services & Support and Customer Solutions & Operations.SAP's eight Labs in different countries are industry role models for globally distributed development organizations and contribute heavily to the goals of SAP's business units. Bridging the gap between local market demands and SAP's development organization, SAP Labs has set standards for excellence in innovation, efficiency, and reliability. In line with SAP’s distributed development product strategy, SAP Labs India is a part of a connected lab network of 15 Labs in 12 countries.  These SAP Labs across the world contribute 75% of the total research and development that SAP undertakes.SAP Labs India was an early mover in terms of development. We used our expertise in localization to tap into a large and cost effective talent pool. This allowed us to make strategic long term investments, and expand the scope of SAP Labs India to core product development, and services and support. SAP Labs India maintained close relations with global partners and supported a large growth market. As a result, SAP Labs India has become a center of innovation, and a driver of process excellence.

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