Abdul Manan

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Full Name
Abdul Manan
30 Y
Total Experience
1 Year
Current Living
Lahore, Pakistan

About me

I believe I am a very solid candidate for the job due to my extensive accounting background, strong organizational skills and ability to work with a wide range of professionals.

Throughout my career, I have established myself as an exceptionally successful and effective accounting preparation professional.

My organizational skills also set me apart from other individuals. My incredibly thorough nature, coupled with my ability to make strong decisions, ensures that the projects I oversee are completed in an efficient and productive manner. Additionally, my sound time management skills allow me to successful multi task several projects at once.

In addition to my accounting background and organizational skills, my ability to work with a wide range of professionals has always been an invaluable resource to my employers. Throughout my career, I have always worked well with people of varying backgrounds. My strong communication skills ensure that my place of employment remains productive and professional.


Entry Level, Hospital & Health Care, 1 Year ( Nov 2016 - Continuing )


Anesthisia, Clinical Decision Support, Diagnostics - Clinical Laboratory
Account Management, Accountability, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable


Completed on Jan 2015

Academic Field
Professions - Banking Finance and Accounts
Major Subjects
Accounting - Accounting, Accounting - Auditing, Accounting - Financial Accounting

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