adnan saleemi

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adnan saleemi
37 Y
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Dubai, United Arab Emirates
English, Urdu

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Attn: Manager HR & Recruitment

I am much to optimistic that mélange of my inclination and vision of your company will result in new dimensions, together we can innovate strategies for better tomorrow. 1 I am highly competitive self who is organized, disciplined and good oriented. 2 Excellent communication skills and the tendency to work with people of diverse background. Really a fast learner needs a clue to find the solution. 3 One who is truly the believer of “nothing is impossible under the blue himmel.” 4 Resourceful, committed and versatile in approach.

I will try my level best to give peppy to your organization because your vision and my aims in this field travel with each other. As for as propensity concerned, I think I am the optimum person for your organization. I am looking forward to our meeting to discuss about my ideas/notion in reference with Operations , Supply Chain and production as challenging task

Waiting for “Break” to prove myself. Desperately waiting for your response. After you have skimmed through my cover letter and resume. I want you to contact me on: E-mail : My Digits : +971565106882

Yours Sincerely, Adnan Saleemi


Completed on Jun 2009

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Professions - Engineering
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Mechanical Engineering

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