Akshay Prabhakaran

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Akshay Prabhakaran
27 Y
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3 Years
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Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
English, Hindi

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Respected Hiring Manager,

I, Akshay Prabhakaran, is writing to you expressing my interest in wanting to be an integral member of your firm. I have been involved in the founding of a start-up IT firm that specializes in creative web, mobile and desktop solutions. I have built a strong clientele base around Mumbai as the chief concept designer and marketing head for the firm. My primary focus at my workplace (when I am not dealing with prospective clients) was user experience, to make sure the maximum is delivered to the customers in terms of interface while using the software.

I have also last worked as a Production Manager for a rubber moulding plant, dealing with manufacturing rubber seals for automotive parts as well as oil seals for automotive painting.

I have also been a Training Officer for Serco’s largest client, Barclays Bank PLC, 1st as part of their Online and Mobile Banking segment and later as part of their Mortgages division, one of the youngest trainers to be promoted to the role.

Overall, I am a go-getter, extremely creative, self-believer and a target oriented individual. I also focus on innovative business solutions that outweigh existing set procedures to replace them eventually.

I believe that I am an ideal candidate to be a proud part of the company, which you shall be able to look back as one of your best hires.

Sincerely, Akshay Prabhakaran


Manager, Automotive, 2 Years ( Feb 2014 - Apr 2016 )


AutoCAD, Automotive, Conflict Management, CRM ( Customer Relationship Management ), Customer Relations, Engineering, Facilities Management, Inspection, Inventory Management, Manufacturing, Manufacturing Design, Materials Management, Microsoft Office, Networking, Plant Maintenance
General Purchase Tasks

Senior Level, Banking & Financial Services, 1 Year ( Jun 2012 - Feb 2014 )


Coaching, Content Management, Content Writing, Corporate Culture, Corporate Law, Cross Cultural Management, Customer Service, Education / Training, Faculty Development, Interviews, Leadership, Leadership Development, Talent Development, Team Management
Bank Transfers, Banking, Corporate Finance, Credit Analysis, Credit Risk, HMRC Enquiries ( Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs ), Income Statement, Mobile Payments, Mortgage Finance, Online Payments


Completed on Jun 2012

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Professions - Engineering
Major Subjects
Mechanical Engineering

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