Chatapuwa Tsamwi

Chatapuwa Tsamwi

Administration , Accounting and Housekeeping with 4 years experience in Zimbabwe and UAE

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Chatapuwa Tsamwi
34 Y
Current Living
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

About me

I am a lady of high integrity who can work under pressure. I am a result oriented candidate who works tirelessly in order to produce good results. I have experience of more than three years working in administration. I can testify to myself that I am also a problem solver. During my employment at Pioneer Transport, I was the administrator of Exchange Control department and was an intermediate between the Central Bank of Zimbabwe and the company. Different problems were happening and I was able to solve them in harmony.

In UAE, where I am now working as a housekeeper, It looks like I have moved from higher position to a lower one. However, this has benefited a lot since I have noticed that I can adjust to any level and I can work with different cultures since our hotel employs different people from different cultures.

Having this experience both in Zimbabwe UAE experience I am looking to work any job which is in a line with my career for my personal growth.

Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to show what I am capable of doing.



Chatapuwa Tsamwi


Completed on Nov 2016

Academic Field
Professions - Business
Major Subjects
Accounting, Business Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Financial Management, Investments, Marketing Management, Operations Management, Organizational Behavior, Strategy

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