Darine El Mawla

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Full Name
Darine El Mawla
34 Y
Total Experience
6 Months
Current Living
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Arabic, English, French

About me

Cover Letter [who I am]       I am someone who is extremely drawn to analytical thinking and problem solving. Wherever I am, I tend to seek for solutions to existing or foreseen issues, by thoroughly studying the situation in hand, pinpointing weak areas, understanding them, and weaver around them, turning a hollow or wrecked situation into a challenging opportunity for me to implement my skills and competencies, and develop new ones.    From my Quality Management perspective, it is very important to make work-related requirements simple for employees to be able to meet business needs, and understand its mission and vision. Providing constant guidance, support, and learning opportunities is key in achieving a productive environment.   As such, I have developed a work hobby where I document and design all sorts of manuals focusing on the “how to” concept.  I enjoy translating complicated policies and procedures into step by step manuals, without even being asked to. This urge arises solely for the purpose of sharing important information with teammates and colleagues easily and more comprehensively.    I also enjoy expanding my knowledge in several office and quality management related fields, Leadership, Organizational Change, and much more; which is why I always research and reeducate myself on these topics to enhance my awareness and potential.     Sincerely, Darine El Mawla


Senior Level, Hospitality, 6 Months ( Jun 2016 - Jan 2017 )


Administration, Communications, Project Management, Project Planning, Supervision


Institute Confidential, Lebanon

Completed on Jun 2007

Academic Field
Humanities - Linguistics
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