Desiree Lobo

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Desiree Lobo
35 Y
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2 Years
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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Building corporate value is my expertise; value that is measured by strategic marketing in existing or new markets. Whether challenged with the launch of a startup business unit or product, or redesigning a marketing map for a fading brand, I have achieved success.

My strengths lie in conceiving and implementing innovative marketing strategies for various business models, be it identifying new markets, introducing products or services, or driving partnerships to expand revenue.

I have gained over 12 years’ experience across B2B and B2C markets, handling medium to large budgets expanding up to USD 5 million. My area of expertise includes every aspect of marketing development, corporate communications, brand management and large scale event organisation.

Although pleased with my current role, I am exploring leadership opportunities that are both long term and lucrative to my development. I look forward to meeting with you for a more detailed discussion on how my knowledge and skill set can enhance your organisation’s vision.

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Manager, Retail & Supermarkets, 2 Years ( Apr 2016 - Continuing )


Campaign, Corporate Branding, Creative Marketing, Customer Service, E - business, General Marketing, Market Analysis, Market Planning, Market Research, Marketing Communications, Marketing Strategy, Negotiation, Planning, Public Relations, Social Events
Building Relationships, Content Writing

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