Eyad Qatana

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Full Name
Eyad Qatana
48 Y
Total Experience
18 Years
Syrian Arab Republic
Current Living
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Arabic, English

About me

I am writing to apply for the job of Office Manager. My work with different administrations in public & private sector has given me a good experience in managing administrative issues such as planning and organizing, leadership and control, evaluation. My last work as a project director in a research & consulting company has enriched my experiences in establishing and leading a team. I hope I can employee my experiences and education in this post.

Thank you


Director or VP, Research - Market or Product or Other, 1 Year ( Jan 2015 - Jan 2017 )


Analysis, Capacity Building, Community, International Relations, Project Management
Analysis, Business, Community, Crisis Communications, Innovation

Senior Level, Public Safety, 7 Years ( Jan 2006 - Jan 2014 )


Applied Research, Campaign, Communications, Community, Risk Assessment / Management

Senior Level, Government Administration & Relations, 8 Years ( Jan 1997 - Jan 2006 )


Conferences, Event Management, Grants, International, Writing


Academic Field
Social Sciences - Economics
Major Subjects
Development Economics
Academic Field
Social Sciences - Political Science
Major Subjects
public Administration
Academic Field
Humanities - Literature
Major Subjects
Fiction Narrative 

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