Jake Mendinueta

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Full Name
Jake Mendinueta
28 Y
Total Experience
5 Years
Current Living
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
English, Philipino

About me

In references to my CV, I’ve built my career in different roles on various industries. I enjoy testing my versatility when it comes to work because I want to make sure that I can adapt to any career adjustment. From admin to customer service and to compliance officer, the job description varies in complexity but I managed to fulfill my duties to the best way I can.

In addition to being flexible, I am very particular to details and in analyzing various scenarios. Working as a compliance officer honed my skills in analyzing risks that can pose a threat to the company. I serve as one of the “gatekeepers” making sure that we have clean clients/suppliers. I review customer’s transaction, profile and sourcing against guidelines set on their country.

Last but not the least, I am very passionate and hardworking employee. I started as a compliance office assistant. Having no experience in compliance, I immerse myself in understanding the job not only as an office assistant but the whole structure of the compliance department. I developed our document control system, compliance restructuring measures that was soon noticed by my employer that’s why I got a promotion into being a compliance officer. Furthermore, I am one of the key players for both internal and external audit that our company regularly engages with.


Senior Level, Logistics & Supply Chain, 5 Years ( Nov 2012 - Continuing )


Administration, Admissions, Analysis, Consulting, Due Diligence
General Administration

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