Jamie Evangelista

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Jamie Evangelista
30 Y
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3 Years
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Dubai, United Arab Emirates
English, English, Philipino

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Good day Sir/Madam,

Im Jamie Evangelista, Filipino graduated with Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering with total of eight (8) years working experience as a civil engineer, currently based here in dubai and I am now looking for opportunities . I've headed projects here in Dubai and the Philippines. My previous job as a Finishing Site Engineer (Civil Works) in a Reputable company thought me so many things that I believe I can incorporate in your company. In addition, I also handled Port Terminal (Jebel Ali) , Substations, High Rise commercial and residential building that will be a great help and this experience can contribute with your company. I would like to inquire about the possibility of openings for the position that is suitable and fits my qualifications. Im now in VISIT VISA and can join immediately if given a chance to work with your company. My visa will be expiring on the 15th of March, and hoping to have a slot with your company.

My ability to produce quality work and performs multiple tasks within a tight schedule and a past work pace, ability to work in teams of multi functional work and working ind ependently together with my attention to detail, have contributed to my successes. I am skilled at working with different level of individual in the organization and provide information and recommend solutions to potential and existing issues.My outgoing and friendly nature allows me to interact well with other staff members at all levels.

I think the skills which I have acquired in my engineering are going to be tested to maximum possible in your company and its the right time for me to show case my skills and prove myself. Also my strengths i.e., hard work and dedication along with my skills are backing me to be the deserving candidate for this job.

The accompanying résumé can give you an idea of my potential for making a worthwhile contribution to your company. I hope this CV finds place in your situation column and look forward to find a job as soon as possible.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to speak with about the exciting opportunity.


Senior Level, Construction, 1 Year ( May 2015 - Oct 2016 )


AutoCAD, Bill of Materials, Building Materials, CAD ( Computer Aided Design ), Civil Engineering, Construction, Construction Documents, Construction Engineering, Construction Safety, Documentation
  1. Responsible for supervision, monitoring and execution of day to day activities related to interiors and finishing.
  2. Responsible for effective coordination with Sub- Contractors
  3. Understanding over all construction sequence and accordingly plan coordinate and implement various activities taking care of various inter disciplinary interfaces.
  4. Planning the construction activities for timely & smooth completion of project.
  5. Coordination with other departments like Design, Procurement

Senior Level, Engineering - Civil, Mechanical or Industrial etc, 1 Year ( Oct 2013 - Jun 2015 )


AutoCAD, Bill of Materials, Building Materials, Building Services, Civil Engineering, Construction, Construction Documents, Construction Safety, Quantity Surveying

1.Setting out the works in accordance with the drawings and specification.

2.Liaising with the project planning Engineer regarding the construction program.

3.Checking materials and work in progress for compliance with the specified requirements.

4.Observance of safety requirements.

5.Resolving technical issues with the employer’s representatives, suppliers, subcontractors and statutory authorities.

6.Quality control in accordance with the construction specification and procedures


Completed on May 2010

Academic Field
Professions - Engineering
Major Subjects
Construction Engineering, Engineering Management, Structural Engineering

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