Jebel Catherine Quijada

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Jebel Catherine Quijada
30 Y
Current Living
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
English, Philipino

About me

Dear Hiring Manager,

Good Day!

After many years of working directly with people in diverse professional settings, I am seeking to leverage my skills in any challenging field you can offer. I am confident that I have what it takes to join your team of achievers and wish to forward my Curriculum Vitae for your perusal.

I am flexible, self-starter, team player and results- driven and service oriented professional who can meet business objectives and surpass demanding standards. I am passionate towards my work, an outgoing and proactive person who maintains a positive attitude towards work and skilled, effective and fluent in written and spoken English. To this end, I can only promise an excellent performance to the best of my capacity

Best Regards,

Jebel Catherine Quijada

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