josua nazareno

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josua nazareno
29 Y
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8 Years
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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Dear; Sir/Madam

I am writing you to express my interest for employment in your organization for a 'SALESMAN' position that you seem most appropriate to my skills and employment background. I believe that my skills and abilities and work experience would make me an asset to your company. I have strong work ethics such as being hardworking, with self initiative, self-motivated, fast learner, well organize, creative, and result oriented individual that value performance well and I am very dedicated to my job. I want to be involved in your company that I know I will learn more. I can get along to people with different culture and personality and can also easily adapt to any work condition or situation.

I attach here with, detailed copy of my curriculum vitae for your perusal and ready reference. I would appreciate the opportunity to be interviewed by the member of your recruitment team soon.

Sincerely yours,

Josua Nazareno +971-5634-447-09


Senior Level, Retail & Supermarkets, 4 Years ( Jul 2013 - Continuing )


Analysis, Bevavior, Business Management, Client Relations, Retail
Clinical Monitoring, Clinical Support

Senior Level, Hospitality, 3 Years ( Apr 2007 - Aug 2010 )


5S ( Sort, Straighten, Shine, Standardize and Sustain ), Apparel, Bevavior, Catering, Contracts
Apartments, Booking, Condos


Completed on Jun 2007

Academic Field
Formal Sciences - Computer Sciences
Major Subjects
Computer Graphics

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