Kaouther Mraouna

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Kaouther Mraouna
35 Y
Current Living
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Arabic, English, French

About me

Dear Sir, I am enthusiastically applying for this post since I firmly believe that a combination of my natural ability, personality and work experience all make me an ideal candidate for this role. As a talented and experienced individual I am intimately familiar with the key competencies for the role. I would bring value to a company like yours through my experience, and my positive ‘can do’ attitude. I am currently living in Abu Dhabi. I have been here, since October 2008 working in Management field, where I had the opportunity to broaden my experience with other country and cultures this improving the capability to work and perform in different economic contexts. I consider myself to be a hard worker with a solid work ethic, goal driven and committed. My strengths include: coaching, flexibility, easy to adapt to new challenges, having a clear focus on targets over performance. Furthermore I would like to state that I am keen to join a winning team and a successful company like yours. Fluent in Arabic, English, French and Italian (intermediate Level) Greater details of my accomplishments and achievements can be found in my attached resume. I am available for interview, according to your availability and I am available to embrace a new challenge immediately. Your s sincerely Kaouther Mraouna


Academic Field
Social Sciences - Economics
Major Subjects
Development Economics

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