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Kareem Sherif
31 Y
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9 Years
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Cairo, Egypt
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Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing to apply for Logistics/Supply Chain positions available in your esteemed company.

To give a brief description about myself, I hold a Master Degree in Management of International Trade Logistics and I have over 7 years of work experience (2 years gulf experience).

My previous work in the fields of Logistics solutions, distribution, freight forwarding, and manufacturing, empowered me with experience in Logistics, Supply-Chain, Order Management, and Sales Administration. It also helped me gain tremendous knowledge in evaluating, developing, and enhancing logistics processes and strategies.

The qualifications outlined above are just a few strengths I can offer, with the remainder listed in the attached resume. These combined with my dedication, enthusiasm, and desire to make a difference are what set me apart from other candidates.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you favorably. Yours sincerely, Kareem Sherif


Senior Level, Textiles, 4 Years ( May 2014 - Continuing )


Customer Service, Logistics, Supply Chain, Vendor Management, Warehousing
Customer Service, Distribution Center Operations, Logistics, Reverse Logistics

● Managing Order fulfillment cycle and Supervise Supply Chain process until delivery. ● Oversee end to end Supply Chain process ● Coordinate with all Supply Chain functions to ensure on time delivery and production. ● Monitor current processes, Identify and analyze gaps, and improve processes when required. ● Creating Performa, Customer, and Supplier Invoices.

Key Achievements  Reduced inventory carrying cost by 20% by establishing successful integration across all supply chain units.

Senior Level, Consumer Electronics, 2 Years ( Apr 2012 - Apr 2014 )


Customer Service, Logistics, Reverse Logistics, Supply Chain
Customer Satisfaction

● Managed Order Management cycle and Reverse Logistics in case of complains, deficiencies or discrepancies ● Handled Logistics, Documentation, and 3PL activities from post production up to delivery at customer premises ● Production, Demand Planning, and Co-ordination with all Supply Chain functions to ensure on time delivery and production ● Created Performa, Customer, and Supplier Invoices and managing Product configuration sheets as ordered. ● Managed Spare Parts allocation, consumption, a

Senior Level, Logistics & Supply Chain, 1 Year ( May 2010 - Apr 2012 )


Air Freight, Freight Forwarding, Logistics

● Managed Export and Import Shipping ● Provided Logistics Solutions and managed Logistics Activities ● Managed Documentation and Invoicing ● Supervised Customs Clearance Process

Key Achievements  Managed to retain several key customers by exceeding customer expectations.  Managed to reduce the document issuance lead time of by re-allocating customs person to key customs points

Skills Acquired: Logistics, Documentation, Customer Service, Teamwork, Shipping, Leadership and Team mana

Entry Level, Logistics & Supply Chain, 1 Year ( Feb 2009 - Feb 2010 )


Freight Forwarding, Logistics, Supply Chain

● Provided Supply Chain Solutions for assigned clients ● Managed Inbound and Outbound Logistics activities ● Responsible for Data Input to ensure visibility for all integrated functions and for customers ● Was Key point of contact between Supply Chain and Warehouse teams ● Coordinated with 3PL providers

Key Achievements  Successfully increased profitability of assigned accounts by 40 % against previous year by efficient consolidation of shipments

Skills Acquired: Logistics, Supply C


Academic Field
Professions - Transportation and Distribution
Major Subjects
Transport - Ship, Transport Logistic, Transport Systems

Completed on Aug 2008

Academic Field
Professions - Transportation and Distribution
Major Subjects
Transport - Ship, Transport Logistic, Transport Systems

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