Maria emalyn obina

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Maria emalyn obina
30 Y
Current Living
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Arabic, English, Philipino

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The Personnel / Manager,

I am confident to present my resume for any position that fits my qualification. I am physically fit and have extensive experience in performing different kinds of jobs. My employment at past employers will prove my capability, commitment and devotion to my work. As you will notice in the enclosed resume my skills and abilities are geared toward working as a Secretary & Sales Supervisor. I have excellent attendance and punctuality record, ability to work in a safe and orderly manner either independently and part of the team. Besides I have a good attention detail, self directed and able to work under minimal supervision. I am confident that my skills and abilities will be an asset to the job I’m applying for. I greatly appreciate your consideration for employment and I look forward to further discussing my qualifications in position. I maybe reached at the phone number given above. Thank you for your time and considering me for this exciting opportunity.

Sincerely Yours, Maria Emalyn S. Obina


Completed on Jun 2008

Academic Field
Professions - Medicine
Major Subjects
Occupational Medicine

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