Maria Trinidad del Carmen - Villa

General Info

Full Name
Maria Trinidad del Carmen - Villa
37 Y
Total Experience
15 Years
Current Living
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
English, Japanese

About me

I am currently looking for a job as the one who find different types of waste (Defect, Overproduction, Waiting, etc) in terms of Lean Management and eliminate it while engaging the team for continuous improvement. It could also be anything that will utilize my engineering, analytical, supervisory and even documentation skills.

I have a total of 13.5 years experience of the job responsibilities mentioned above in a multinational manufacturing company and in a well-known construction company. The types of companies I have worked-with have extreme differences. This shows my flexibility and openness to any opportunity that I could share my overall professional skills.


Senior Level, Construction, 4 Years ( Jul 2013 - Continuing )


Auditing, Construction Documents, Education / Training, Process Control, Process Engineering
Industrial Engineering

Senior Level, Electrical / Electronic Manufacturing, 10 Years ( Mar 2003 - Jun 2013 )


Analysis, DFMEA ( Design Failure Mode Effects Analysis ), Engineering, Product Development, Production, Project Management, SCADA ( Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition ), Usability Testing
5 Why, 5S ( Sort, Straighten, Shine, Standardize and Sustain )


Academic Field
Professions - Engineering
Major Subjects
Electronics Engineering (Includes Microelectronics and Semiconductor Engineering etc), Telecommunications Engineering
Academic Field
Professions - Engineering
Major Subjects
Logistic Engineering

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