muhammad farhan khan

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muhammad farhan khan
37 Y
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7 Years
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Karachi, Pakistan
English, Urdu

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Respected Sir,

You will certainly welcome a person with loads of enthusiasm, ambition to learn and work with your organization. I would like to offer my skills, proficiency and educational background. I will definitely enjoy working under your dynamic leadership.

The major responsibilities of my current job had provided me a footing to adopt a career in this arena and gives me skills which certainly a required ability for a person electing to work in this field.

My education, experience, ambition and get along with people justify me to claim that I can offer qualities of adaptability, push and, new horizons.

Enclosed is RESUME that provides more detailed about my background. Because skills are best explain in person, I would appreciate an interview with you. If you need any additional information, I would be glad to furnish it. I would be a creative and energetic asset to your reputable concern.

Yours Sincerely, M.Farhan Khan


Manager, Events Services, 7 Years ( Aug 2010 - Continuing )


Steel Fixer, Technician, Technician - Air Conditioning / Refrigeration, Worker - Construction, Worker - General


Completed on Jun 2008

Academic Field
Professions - Marketing - Print and Online
Major Subjects
Consumer Behavior, Marketing Management, Marketing Research, Relationship Marketing, Branding

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