Muhammad Iqbal

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Muhammad Iqbal
44 Y
Total Experience
4 Years
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Islamabad, Pakistan

About me

I have over 14 years of experience in Support services and an expert to deal with Office Management,  ISO 9001-2000, Logistics, Security, Housekeeping and Plant operations. ‎I am also highly trained for secretarial assignments. 

I am Islamabad based and working with Haidri Beverages ( Pepsi Cola International  franchise Islamabad). There are three plants located at same vicinity, like Beverage plus( Slice juice and this is also PepsiCO franchise), Aquafina water and Haidri bevereges which is head office where chairman sit and forth plant is in Peshawar named Northern botelling (pvt) Ltd. 

I have also worked with Chairman of Haidri Beverages as his special Assistant for protocol , implimentation of policies and instructions issued by chairman  and highly confidential assignments including travel arrangements, hotel reservations, visa processing and meeting with government officials like FBR, CDA and PepsiCO officials etc. 

I am also project manager of Khadija foundation, which is a dispensary for trauma/OPD patients and free hepatitis B vaccination for all. Khadija foundation is fully funded by the chairman Haidri beverages.


Manager, Food / Beverages, 4 Years ( Aug 2013 - Continuing )


Guest House Management, Security Management, Transportation

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