Muhammad zeeshan khalid

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Muhammad zeeshan khalid
37 Y
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6 Months
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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

About me

-I am submitting my resume to be considered for this position in your esteem organization as my background and abilities match your requirement. Please allow me to explain briefly how my experience can contribute to your organization’s growth and success.

I am An Intermediate of commerce with 9 Years’ experience. Majority of my professional experience is in Restaurants and sales from United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates and Pakistan. I am articulate, presentable, friendly, energetic, and capable of running a large service staff. My understanding and adeptness to aid and provide efficient service to customers will serve your companies goals. Moreover, my bilingual skills, life experiences and studies have given me the practical know-how, which would be a great asset.

I found your company description challenging and interesting and feel that with my knowledge and experience I can make valuable contribution to your company. My interpersonal skills and as well as working in a team environment has enable me to achieve excellent results in the past which I am confident I will replicate in future.

Throughout my career, I have recognized by the senior management as a very useful and friendly resource in the company. My success has been measured by looking at my previous challenging portfolio.

Please find attached my resume to provide you with additional details concerning my background. Thank you for having your time and consideration and looking forward to hear from you soon.

Sincerely, Muhammad Zeeshan Khalid Mobile: +971-561832074


Senior Level, Food / Beverages, 6 Months ( May 2016 - Dec 2016 )


Food, Hospitality, Restaurants

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