Prabin Rijal

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Prabin Rijal
30 Y
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9 Years
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, Nepal
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Dear Sir, Maam As soon as I saw your Job posting, I knew it was the perfect position for me and that I am perfect solution for you. Let me explain further: As you will see from the attached resume, I’ve worn a lot of different hats. I’ve run the Sales, Marketing gamut. From Past of My Experience on Product, I’m extremely motivated, organized, disciplined and motivated person on the work. While my official title was Country Representative,Manager in reality I was known as the person who could do everything. Hats I wore their included copywriter, researcher extraordinaire, PowerPoint & Word. I am working On Medium Company where everyone had to pitch in, and I thrived on the excitement of being involved at every level of every project. No matter where I’ve been, I’ve the Frame work because I’m dedicated to make sure each and every piece stands out from the crowd. Whether it’s promotional work or other activity for external clients or internal corporate behind, I pride myself on my ability to recognize and articulate a distinct voice for every project. Further I’ve also designed and produced unique promotional activity. While writing is my passion, “Keep projects and making sure all parts get to the finish line at the same time", is one thing I do best From My Side. My ability with projects and never missing a deadline didn’t just develop through my professional experience but all with very different personalities, activities, schedules and demands. I’ve learned to budget my time and my assets, and most importantly, I’ve learned to be flexible and to get things done. I know what you’re thinking , Yes, I am the perfect person for the job, But I’m not in it for the money only , I’m looking for a position where contributions count and my efforts are appreciated and hopefully a long-term commitment. I assure you that you’ll never have to worry that I’ll be late on the work and Company deadline. Thank you.

Sincerely Prabin Rijal


Senior Level, Building Materials, 9 Years ( Jul 2008 - Continuing )


Account Management, Account Reconciliation, Analysis, B2B, B2C, Brand Development, Brand Management, Budget, Business Development, Business Networking, Business Strategy, Campaign, Cold Calling, Consumer Electronics, Coordination
Creative Marketing, Email Marketing, General Marketing, Leadership, Market Analysis, Market Planning, Market Research, Marketing Management, Marketing Support, Microsoft Office, Mobile Marketing, Press Releases, Public Relations


Completed on Sep 2011

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Professions - Business
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International Marketing, Market Research, Marketing Management

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