Ricardo Leite Santos

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Ricardo Leite Santos
39 Y
Current Living
Jizan, Saudi Arabia
English, French, Portuguese, Spanish

About me

My name is Ricardo Leite Santos, I'm 38 years old and graduated in Mechanical Engineering from Catholic University in Portugal and I hereby submit my application for the vacancy existing in Your Organization.

As can be seen in my Curriculum Vitae, which I have attached, I already have a very good experience and know-how that can be important in every Project. My experience goes from Project Manager, Site Manager and Site Engineer, Planning Manager, Piping or Mechanical Supervisor, during last 16 years. This experience is distributed by several areas like Oil & Gas Industry, Power Plant Construction, Heavy Metallurgy, Minerals, etc, all over the world, like Brazil, China, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Nigeria, Angola, Namibia, Mozambique and Europe.

I consider myself a person with a high capacity for work, commitment, creativity and initiative squarely with the demands facing today's businesses that want to be competitive.

Great and quick learning ability, strong desire to face new challenges, strong teamwork philosophy and help others with my knowledge acquired all over those years.

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