Sandeep Raj

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Sandeep Raj
28 Y
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5 Years
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Dubai, United Arab Emirates
English, Tamil

About me

I am currently working as a Market Research Analyst with 3 years experience in the industry (2 years in Dubai). I have conducted research on sectors including, retail, construction, automobile, FMCG, service and manufacturing in Singapore, India and GCC regions. MBA Graduate from Management Development of Singapore (University of Wales UK certified) by 2014. Completed engineering as an under graduate degree, with strong quantitative and reasoning abilities. Professional knowledge on Marketing, Branding, Corporate strategies and Data analysis tools such as SPSS, Excel Pro.

As a Market Research Analyst, I have conducted research for MNCs such as Al Anwar Ceramics (DAMAC), Noken, Nusuki, Al Madina Manufacturing, TURO P2P Car Sharing, RR consultancies and also for several other startup companies. I have also drafted marketing, branding strategies, financial analysis and budgeting for companies in Singapore, UAE and India. My engineering background has provided me a strong analytical and quantitative ability. I have performed both primary and secondary research, in my tenure as a researcher and familiar with data gathering techniques and data analysis tools. I have framed questionnaires and have conducted analysis such as Correspondence, Conjoint, factor, Cluster, regression and correlation analysis using SPSS and Excel, to understand the needs of the customers to serve them better.

I am looking for challenging opportunities to exploit my potential. I believe that I have all the skill set, knowledge, experience and motivation required to be a successful Market Researcher. Providing an opportunity to me will help both me and the organization grow exponentially and I would become a core asset to the company.


Senior Level, Management Consulting, 4 Months ( Aug 2016 - Nov 2016 )


Market Analysis, Market Forecasting, Market Planning, Market Research, Marketing Research, Marketing Strategy

Senior Level, Marketing & Advertising, 1 Year ( Jan 2016 - Continuing )


Analysis, Branding, Business Consulting, Business Modeling, Management Consulting, Market Analysis, Marketing, Research
Management, Market Analysis, Market Forecasting, Market Planning, Market Research, Marketing Analytics, Marketing Research, Marketing Strategy

Manager, Logistics & Supply Chain, 1 Year ( Sep 2014 - Jan 2016 )


Branding, Management, Market Analysis, Market Development, Market Intelligence, Market Research, Marketing Analytics, Marketing Research, Marketing Strategy

Entry Level, Construction, 2 Years ( May 2010 - Dec 2012 )


Acquisition , Building Relationships, Business Alliances, Business Development, Customer Relations, Customer Retention
Process Management, Project Engineering, Project Management


Completed on Jun 2014

Academic Field
Professions - Business
Major Subjects
Market Research, Marketing Management

Completed on Jun 2010

Academic Field
Professions - Engineering
Major Subjects
Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering

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