Saulat Feroz Khan

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Saulat Feroz Khan
23 Y
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Lahore, Pakistan

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Mohallah Ghayan wala,Tehsil Jampur,District Rajanpur, Pakistan +92-333-9629900

Human Resources Manager


Dear Sir/Madam

“Electrical Engineer”

I am applying for the position of Electrical Engineer at your prestigious organization.

Being a strongest advocate of professionalism I am totally committed to my field. I offer a good academic background with diversity in knowledge and skills by completing courses in electrical power and electronics. This job seems to fit well with my passion and interests.

Being in this field, I have developed an insight to the understanding of technicalities of power industry. I have sound computer skills as well. All this enabled me to become an all-round performer in this field.

To top it up, my skills coupled with good exposure to projects gave me practical exposure of relevant activities as to how the different and diverse projects work interdependently and in harmony with macro objectives. It further honed my skills and drove my passion to work in this field which comes naturally to me.

Your organization ever seeks growing and competent professionals that is why an accomplished individual is all motivated to join your organization. Excellent knowledge of best practices will assist me in performing my duties efficiently and effectively. I bring contemporary professional skills with a flavor of uniqueness.

The enclosed CV will give you an overview of my profile. I am available to be called for any kind of test and interview at your convenience. You can contact me through my contact number and e-mail address. I look forward to hearing from you soon. I am excited to talk further with you.

Curriculum Vitae Attached

Yours faithfully

Saulat Feroz Khan


Completed on Jan 2016

Academic Field
Professions - Engineering
Major Subjects
Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Power Systems Engineering

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