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34 Y
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6 Months
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Dubai, United Arab Emirates
English, Russian

About me

Self-made man, highly skilled and motivated individual, working experience with biggest property developers. Committed to outstanding customer service and intimate product knowledge. Proficient in building interpersonal relationship. Skilled in effective problem solving and conflict resolution strategies. Demonstrates proven motivational and organizational skills. Outstanding communication and presentation skills. Committed to the highest levels of quality, service and value. Experienced in B2B/C sales. Continually enjoys challenges noted by changing trends and environments...

I have over 2 years of successful experience with the largest developer in the middle east.

Due to high competition effective sales strategy should be customer oriented through establishing interpersonal relationship with prospect. Hidden impact includes set of actions were main goal is to make prospect feel safe and comfortable on subconscious level. “Mystery Shopping” experience with government/luxury retail is unique experience and allowed to take a look on the sales process from the buyer/customer point of view, in cooperation with relevant department I was responsible to evaluate sales technics and strategies implemented by the corporation and provide valuable feedback.


Senior Level, Real Estate, 6 Months ( Nov 2015 - Jun 2016 )


B2B, B2C, Meetings, Motivation, Multi Lingual, Planning, Pre - Sales, Presentations, Product Development, Selling

Responsibilities included, but not limited:

  • Identifying potential investors and advising on current property opportunities that can match investor’s portfolio.
  • Responsible for seizing potential investors and maintaining positive relationships;
  • Great knowledge of Dubai real estate market trends and ongoing Azizi projects;
  • Build awareness and knowledge of the property market;
  • Assist investors on any questions or inquiries.
  • Power point presentations for potential investors B2B a


Completed on Jun 2005

Academic Field
Professions - Law and Tax
Major Subjects
Civil Law

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