Shahnawaz A Khan

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Full Name
Shahnawaz A Khan
30 Y
Total Experience
3 Years
Current Living
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

About me

-I am a Telecom engineer with 3+ years of experience in Radio field. I look into the functioning of different mobile technologies like 2G, 3G and LTE, by checking the KPIs of the serving towers remotely, and taking necessary soft/hard actions to clear the issue. Due to my nature of work, I have very strong technical/working knowledge of wireless communication. i have done my B.E in telecommunications from a reputed UNI in Bangalore. I am proficient in using different vendor products of Huawei and Alcatel such as :-

  • U2000 ( Huawei 2G, 3G and LTE monitoring software )
  • NPO ( Alcatel2G, 3G and LTE monitoring software )
  • ACTIX ( Analysing Drive tests reports )
  • MAPINFO As an added bonus, I am also proficient with microsoft office tools.


Entry Level, Telecommunications or Wireless, 3 Years ( Jul 2014 - Continuing )


3G / 4G, Actix, Antennas, Base Station, BSS ( Base Station Subsystem ), CDMA ( Code-Division Multiple Access ), Communications, Consulting, DAS ( Distributed Antenna System ), IBS Design ( In-building Solution ), KPI Analysis ( Key Performance Indicators ), LTE ( Long-Term Evolution )

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