Sharif Al Saad

Sharif Al Saad

A dynamic and well qualified legal strategist with extensive experience in providing sound legal advice to clients regarding civil, corporate, commercial and criminal matters. Possess excellent knowledge of local and international laws, landmark judg

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Sharif Al Saad
2 Y
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2 Years
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Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Arabic, English

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-Dear Sirs,

As a legal counsel with more than 15 years of practice in corporate, commercial, civil and criminal law I am keen on obtaining the position of Legal consultant with your company. I have developed expertise in legal contracts and agreements preparation and vetting, risk mitigation and international trade regulations, corporate governance, and due diligence. My knowledge of the law, communication and analytical skills, and ability to examine the pros and cons of legal cases has helped me represent my clients effectively in courts. Clients have always expressed as sense of trust and confidence in me and my recommendations because of my sincerity, and my efforts invested on their behalf are evident and consistent. Having decided early on that I wanted to pursue a career in law, I completed Bachelor’s in Law and later LLM from University of Hertfordshire.

I am currently associated with Adel Bin Mohamed Al Qasemi Advocates & Legal Consultants (UAE) as Legal Consultant. Earlier I have worked with top legal firms like Global Advocates (Abu Dhabi), Curwens Law Firm (UK), Development and Employment Fund - DEF (Amman). From 2000 onwards to 2015 I headed the Mohammad Sharif AlQassem Law Firm. I managed and represented clients from various business verticals and provided legal counsel on matters related to shipping, maritime, sale of goods, construction, property, real estate, commercial issues, investment and more. At Curwens (during my LLM qualification) I was credited with providing a sound legal opinion on a complicated matter related to data protection. At DEF I established the legal department and set-up a network of legal counselors in Jordan. During my stint with Global Advocates I was deputed to ADEC and administered 2 very highly valued commercial and construction (BOT) contracts. In my present assignment I provide advice on setting-up new companies and various other legal issues to prestigious clients.

The attached CV details my experience and accomplishments. I look forward to hearing from you in the very near future to arrange to meet in person and discuss how my experience may be of value to your firm.

Sincere regards,

Sharif Mohammad Alsa’ad


Senior Level, Law Practice & Legal Services, 2 Years ( Apr 2016 - Continuing )


Acquisition, Administration, Construction, Contracts, Governance, Insurance, Labor Relations, Oil & Gas, Research, Security
Administration, Arbitration, Business Consulting, Construction, Contracts, Due Diligence, Educational Consulting, Insurance, International Business, Labor Relations, Oil & Gas

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