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Shums ur rehman
38 Y
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8 Years
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Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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Shums Ur Rehman Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates 00923337777428

Dear Hiring Manager,

As my resume indicates, I have roughly Ten years of professional experience in an administrative capacity. I have worked as an assistant either to a department, single individual or multiple individuals in separate departments. I am sure you are aware of the flexibility, focus and diplomacy such positions require.

I have much to offer in the way of diversity of experience and profession in that I have worked in social sector in Pakistan and Oil & Gas in the United Arab Emirates: staffing, contracting vendor dealing and reporting. Within these industries I have had the opportunity to learn human resource policies, procedures and the protocol necessary to enforce them ethically and without liability. From my work in a maintenance department I have sharpened my organizational skills. In my past and current positions I have gained experience in writing reports, designing high impact Power Point presentations, administrating grants, and much more. Combine all of this experience with my natural talents (writing, aesthetics, analytical problem solving, logistical planning,)

Thank you for your time and consideration, and best regards.

Very truly yours,

Shums Ur Rehman


Senior Level, Oil & Energy, 5 Years ( Sep 2010 - Jul 2016 )


Attendance Management, Budget, Business Planning, Contracts, Coordination
Account Management, Budget

Serves in administrative department in UAE since 2008 till June 7 201

Entry Level, Oil & Energy, 2 Years ( Mar 2008 - Sep 2010 )


Budget, Contracts, Software Documentation
General Purchase Tasks


Completed on May 2006

Academic Field
Professions - Business
Major Subjects
Human Resource Management

Completed on May 2004

Academic Field
Formal Sciences - Computer Sciences
Major Subjects
Programming Languages - Compilers

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